Carcano Ammunition

As the Carcano evolved, there were different versions that took different sized ammunition. There were three main types of ammunition consumed amongst all of the different types of Carcano.

6.5 x 52mm

Easily identified by its round nose, this is the ammunition required by most carcanos. The gun was built with the intention to use this ammunition and many guns have been built to use this ammunition since.

This is the round that was purchsed by Lee Harvey Oswald and used in the assasination of JFK.

7.35 x 51mm

Designed for the shorter barrel Carcanos, the 7.35 x 51 was introduced to service in 1938 and was appreciated for a less curved trajectory than the original 6.5 x 52mm cartridge.

Other Ammunition

There are other Carcanos that take more obscure types of ammunition. Considering the different types of Carcanos and numerous alterations made as time went on it’s considerably difficult to track all types of ammunition used by each variant.

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