Carcano Accessories

There is a wide variety of accessories that were created for the Carcano and many of them are still in decent supply at LTC and Ebay.


A bayonet is a blade that is attached to the end of a rifle. The carcano bayonet comes in several different variations but the largest distinction between them is the folding vs non-folding. If you’ve purchased a carcano, the bayonet is a fierce addition that’s worth considering.

Stripper Clips

If you want your rifle to be capable of holding more than one round at a time, the stripper clip is essential. Given the varied state of used carcanos available, it’s very possible that you might have acquired one without stripper clips. Fortunately they are in abundance for cheap via many different retailers. See the links above for some possibilities.

Cleaning Accessories

Given the abundance of different cleaning accessories on the market many people don’t consider buying original cleaning accessories for their gun. It’s definitely worth considering purchasing original carcano cleaning accessories.